Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE):In solidarity with the Syrian refugees

On Friday, December 19th, our members visited the Syrian refugees, which have resorted to a hotel located in the center of Athens,waiting for the fulfillment of Greek state’s commitments (granting asylum and travel documents).
We transported and delivered some clothing, food and medicine, contributing to the effort made to meet their needs.
We also discussed with them about the civil war, their uprooting, their fight, listened carefully to their problems as well as their concerns and pledged to keep in constant touch and help them in every possible way.
Moreover, we visited some Syrian refugees that live in another hotel, whose accomodation costs are covered by a Solidarity Assembly. Like the previous ones, these refugees were “sweeped” by the Greek police in Syntagma Square, with a violent and inhumane way, having lost their personal stuff (documents, mobile phones, money, clothes, shoes).

In the end, we delivered to the Solidarity Assembly a sum of 216,00
? (ESE’s mutual fund) for the accomodation costs.We intent to continue our support to this fight and contribute to Syrian refugees’ needs. We are available for active participation in the Solidarity Assembly and in every future initiative taken.


Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE)ese

In solidarity with the Syrian refugees

The civil war in Syria is another example of the contemporary capitalist paradise, a paradise of globalized markets and bosses. According to U.N., war casualties have reached 100,000. The brutality of 
the Assad regime’s policy, along with the deepening, foreign involvement in this ongoing massacre (e.g. Islamic State extremists), forces Syrian people to become refugees. The use of cluster bombs in populated areas and the atrocities against civilians, prisoners, war opponents leave no margin for survival, leading to violent uprooting.The imperialist nations involved are jointly responsiblie for this uprooting and exile, by playing undermining, political games on the backs of the people, Syrians and Kurds in this case.

Equally shared responsibility for the wars in the Middle East and Africa has the Greek state, which participates in NATO and serves the imperialist plans of the great powers. The Greek state supports interventions, humanitarian” wars and the complete dissolution of modern countries. The Greek army joins in the military occupation of many countries, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, East Africa. Consequenty, the Greek state is co-responsible for the uprooting of people, abandoning their homes under the threat of bombs, occupation, poverty.

One million Syrian refugees have resorted to neighboring countries, about half of them are children. Displaced people inside the Syrian borders are estimated to be 3,6 million, while thousands continue to cross the borders. This is one of the highest, modern, mass migration waves, all victims of war in Syria.

EU member states and the Atlantic superpower (USA), which
carry the bloodstained burden of responsibility for this relentless slaughter, also continue the war against refugees from within. Those who manage to escape the fences,survive from mines and murderous attacks on the borders, are kept under a regime of constant illegality,by not granting them any political and social right.

Some hundreds of Syrian refugees (including men, women and children) have given a heroic fight,for 26 consecutive days, in Syntagma Square, demanding the obvious thing from the Greek state: asylum, along with full rights as victims of war and free migration in the EU. The Syrian refugees who participated in this difficult fight, won a significant victory. The Greek government pledged to grant them asylum and travel documents, with a procedure of emergency. This victory of the refugees is a result of their determination and the massive solidarity movement, which was unfolded. Their victory represents a victory of the whole social movement.
We have no trust in the Greek state, both central and local (Municipality of Athens), that will meet their commitments.We do not forget the failure of many  commitments of the Greek state,which was given towards immigrant hunger strikers in the building of Hypatia, few years ago. Moreover, the antiimmigration policy of the Greek state is omnipresent. The immigrants are considered as a national problem,not as people with problems. Indicative of the anti-immigrant state policy is the violent sweeping” of the Syrian refugees-protesters from the Syntagma Square. The Greek government and Mr. Kaminis pursued to get rid of the continuous protest as fast as possible.

We support the fight of Syrian refugees to meet the commitments they won with their hunger strikes.
– Asylum for war victims.
– Free migration towards the EU member states. Greece should not be a prison” for refugees.
Αccomodation, food, health care, work, rights to refugees.

We will contribute
to the effort to meet the needs of refugees living in hotels, in several city areas as well as in the occupation of the Radio Station building in Brahami.

The fight
continues until the vindication of all war victims . 603 refugees only have won, thousands are waiting to be vindicated.


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