Red and Black support about Abd Elasalam Ahmed Eldanf


At dawn Thursday 15/09/2016 in Piacenza, Italy, the company bosses of GLS/SEAM murdered the Egyptian laborer Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf who participated in the picket line of the strike.

He was a member of the USB(Trade Union Association of Base-Italy) and father of five children.

The ruthless employers, with the support of the Italian government violated labor rights…to death. They did not hesitate to order one of the truck drivers to move menacingly with his track against the striking

workers, trying to break the picket line. The result of this action was Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf to be struck and killed. The Police was present all the time and watched in apathy the murderous attack.

We denounce and condemn the murderous act of the employer Company GLS.

We denounce the murderous attacks of any employer against the struggling proletarians.

We are against the murderers of our class: the employers, the governments, the states and their repressive forces that support and serve the bloody profit of Capitalists.

We stand in solidarity with the class struggle of the workers of GLS/SEAM company and in solidarity with the USB labor syndicate.

We participate and support each class and social struggle of opressed proletarians.

Punish the murderous employers.

Counterattack with class and social struggles, against the scum of the Capital and their servants.