Solidarity from Greece to BAUEN workers

Τhe BAUEN Hotel in Argentina is about  to close down, after 14 years of operation by  workers self-management. Through  a  law passed by the Congress of Argentina on November 30 of  2016, the property was expropriated for the benefit of the worker’s cooperative. Nevertheless, the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri decided to exercise his veto right against expropriation law.

Apart from the fact that the workers and their families will find themselves in a difficult financial situation, it is important that the Argentine state decided to hit one of the most emblematic companies recuperated by workers. Through the blow to the BAUEN cooperative, the state attempts to hit all of the recuperated businesses and the horizontal-management  movement that was developed in the country.

This very minute, inside  and outside Argentina a pressure movement  has being developed , a movement that invites members of the House of Representatives and Senate to reject the presidential veto and ratify the law expropriates the BAUEN Hotel for the benefit of its employees, therefore to prevent eviction them from the hotel.
The Libertarian Union of Athens (ESE) invites every workers’ collective, every base union, every trade union, labor collectives and every individual worker or employee, both women and men, to support the self-organized  BAUEN hotel, and to join their voice to the international pressure of  the working class and social movement, so that the workers in BAUEN emerge victorious.
We claim self-management and workers’ control in all  means of production. Wealth belongs to those who produce it and not to all sorts of bosses , or the state. We demand all factories, every business and means of production  to be handed to the hands of the workers. We fight to get back the lives they stole us, by solidarity and   self-organization.
Hands off  BAUEN Hotel!
Send solidarity e-mails and support to workers / s of BAUEN hotel at:
Libertarian Syndicalist Union of ATHENS (ESE)